Friday, May 31, 2013

Meet the New Star of the Bear Education Trailer!

Submitted by: Christina Meister

The Northwest Bear Education Trailer has a new star on the road who's 450 pounds and very furry.

The Northwest Bear Education Trailer's Grizzly Bear Display
With claws the size of your finger and a nose that can smell for miles, this grizzly is a rare sight in Washington but is very common in his native Montana. Unfortunately, this specimen died in a road accident just outside of St. Ignatius but his legacy will live on as a permanent installation in our mobile bear education display. 

The Northwest Bear Education Trailer
Built in 2011, the exhibit travels throughout Washington bringing bear safety awareness training to visitors of all ages. Animals like this one help guests learn more about bear anatomy while providing a real-life comparison between grizzly and black bears. 

The Northwest Bear Education Trailer's Grizzly and Black Bear Displays
The grizzly was donated to us by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and was secured by Jamie Jonkel of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.  It was then mounted by Bird Works Taxidermy of Missoula, Montana.

We are grateful to our partners who help us educate the public about bears and other large carnivores.  We hope that our work will keep bears (and humans) out of harm’s way.

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