Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Submitted by Jim Muck


 On April 22nd, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Office participated in the U.S. Navy’s Earth Day Celebration in Everett, WA. This year’s theme was “Global Reach – Local Action” which encourages both sailors and civilians to take local action to protect the environment.

Approximately 25 vendors attended the event, each discussing different ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  Our office shared a booth with NOAA Fisheries and highlighted invasive species in the Pacific Northwest. The hit on our side of the booth was an exhibit featuring invasive quagga mussels. While we showed off our ‘mussels,’ NOAA was having a ‘whale’ of a time with their 26-foot orca whale display.

The real joy of our day however, was watching our amazing servicemen and women participate in the Earth Day activities. Denise Lesniak, the integrated solid waste manager and a planner for Navy Station Everett’s Earth Day 2013, said it’s important for sailors to participate in Earth Day.

“They can be good stewards in the environment at every level,” said Lesniak. “I think because the Navy as a whole has goals with protecting in the environment, not only when they are out on missions, but also when they are in port.”


Both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association would like to extend our thanks to the U.S. Navy for inviting us to their Earth Day event. You are heroes on Earth Day and every day.  We thank you for making the world a safer (and greener) place to live.

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